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More than just a gym, The Laboratory Spa & Health Club is an elegant, tranquil space to workout and relax in. Offering over 100 gym classes, beautiful 25 metre swimming pools, some of the finest gym equipment in London and great value gym memberships. We are proud to be the health club of choice for Olympic medalists and members alike.

We attract dedicated fitness professionals and personal trainers who truly believe in helping you achieve your goals with expert advice, encouragement and support. 

Need to escape the pressures of London life? 

Take advantage of the Lab’s luxurious health spa to ease tired muscles post-workout. Or simply indulge in the array of beauty treatments, using only the finest organic and therapeutic skincare products.

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Book a tour form - Mill Hill

Book a tour form - Mill Hill

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New to the lab, Introducing Pi Studios

Pi studios are the Pilates specialists.  Expect real intensity, real results, REAL PILATES.

‘This is the only time in my long life I have exercised so regularly and can really see and feel the difference in my body!!‘ Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi, Pi Studio Client

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